Motorbike Wrapping

At Foilack we visualize how you want your motorbike to look like after the wrapping. We offer wide range of colours and the best finishing work. It is important that your bike's paint should be in good condition for the adhesive to stick properly and give your bike the best look

You can choose your favourite colour to wrap your bike and also protect the original paint of the bike. This gives your bike the perfect look and also increase the resale value of your bike.

Nano Ceramic Coating

Nano Ceramic Coating

Life proof motorcycle paint protection is formulated from advanced nano ceramic tech. Our motorcycle paint protection is a high gloss permanent bond nano ceramic coating that gives your motorcycle paintwork superior chemical resistance, uv & thermal resistance and super hydrophobic effect.

Ceramic coating protects the paint and lasts longer than the regular paints.

It also protects your bike from scotches, dirt and chemical contamination.

Paint Protection Films

Paint Protection Films

Paint protection film is a thermoplastic urethane film which is used to protect the motorcycles original paint job from scratches, rock chips and contaminants.

Paint protection will help your motorbike to keep the shiny appearance and the resale value

Before / After

Before / After …

Dent Repair Steps

Dent Repair Steps


At Foilack we make sure before adding the paint protection films the surface of the motorbike is washed and cleaned properly so that there will not be any dirt on the films.


We check the position, shape and size pf the motorbike before installingthe films.


We cleaning the surface of the motorcyle before the paint protection film is applied.


Pull the protective liner back from the ppf to reveal the adhesive side.


Spray water with liquid on top of piece so the squeegee will not stick or scratch the film. Starting in centre, squeegee out solution and any bubbles. Overlap squeegee strokes to avoid leaving any bubbles under material.