A first step is made when innovation meets dedication. For us, foilack has always been an idea that we pursued with passion.

To see this idea develop into something that today inspires car enthusiasts around the world made me go for the next step.

Can you imagine to take a step forward with foilack, as well?

Being passionate about innovative products and services, and being dedicated to quality is what you should bring along and what you can expect of us. Everything else about foilack licensing you will find in your info package - order it now!

We are looking forward to aspiring to excellence in car body finishing with you, together and in partnership.

Let's build a foilack future together!

Ralf Beike (Managing Partner) & Swen Roters (Founder and Partner)


The foilack license system

The foilack license system offers the power of an international pioneer in foil-based vehicle wrapping. Dynamic, sustained R&D delivers competitive advantage; innovation in flexible surfacing and coating is guaranteed.

foilack is a business concept with proven earning power, fully tested, market-ready products and services. We vouch for turnkey solutions for high-end surfacing workshops.

foilack stands for traditional German values: quality, reliability, perfection. Unlike competitors, we don’t just focus on cars and understand the full potential of our market.

foilack offers a master license system with exclusiveness for one location or even for a whole country. A foilack licensee will obtain full rights of use for the brand foilack and will gain exclusive access to all original foilack resources.

Material supply, share of expertise and provision of strong marketing tools as well as a comprehensive corporate identity ensure that licensees can add a new chapter to the success story of foilack.

Benefits Of a Foilack License

Benefits Of a Foilack License

The products, services and processes in our licence system have already been tried and tested. Reliable, consistent standards mean solutions that sell – from day one.
Mistakes are expensive. With foilack, they’ve all been taken care of in advance. Instead of learning the hard way, you can start working and earning immediately.
You can’t touch it, measure it or buy it. But know-how is the key to success. When you choose foilack, you tap into our expertise and make it your own.
Entrepreneurs start from scratch and work alone. But as a foilack licensee, you benefit from our R&D expertise – now and in the future. That means sustainable competitive advantage, protected by fees and royalties.
Image is everything, and brands take time to build. Give yourself a head start: license the strong and proven foilack brand and leverage the reputation we’ve already built.
You can be a ‘lone warrior’, out on your own. Or you can become a foilack licensee and be part of a successful, well-established corporation with a powerful brand.
Our international licence system brings you under the wing of a worldwide network. Your business may be local, but you’re part of a structure with global exposure.
The wealth of our experience in markets around the world is shared with each and every licensee. Each new licensee adds to – and benefits from – our knowledge network.