Rims Protection

Rims Protection

Rims Protection - help to protect the rim against damage caused by bumps and other off-road obstacles. Tyres with a rim protector protect tyre against damage.

Tire & wheel Protection gives you the extra protection you need from road hazards such as nails, glass and potholes with benefits including tires, wheels and rims repaired or replace if structurally damaged due to road hazard.

Rims and Callipers Painting

Rims and Callipers Painting

Restored! Painted brake callipers are a great compliment for alloy wheels and create a subtle and well noticeable look for the car.

Painting your rims & callipers has functional benefits in additional to upgrading your rides style.

Before / After

Before / After …

Rim Protection Steps

Rim Protection Steps


Wash & Dry Wheels.


Jack up one tire at a time


Clean up when to be install, make sure no wax or oil.


Remove the tape from back of strips.


Install the strip on the fit place and press it to ensure the trim fixed well.