Nano Ceramic Coating

Nano Ceramic Coating

Nano Ceramic Coating is a clear coat which includes a liquid polymer. When ceramic coating is applied on a cars body, the polymer forms a chemical bonding with the factory paints. Once coated, it can only be removed by abrasion and not by any chemicals.

Ceramic coating offers good protection to the cars surface. The nano-coating can protect the car from most scratches, dirts and chemical contaminants.

The process of Ceramic will take between one to five days (1-5 days) depending on the condition of your paint and the size of the vehicle.

Nano Ceramic Coating

The glass-like finish of the nano coating makes it extremely difficult for water to adhere to the vehicle’s surface. This means that dirty water, mud and grime slides right off the paint surface. When it does need cleaning, warm water will rinse off any road traffic film and dirt build up, leaving the spectacular glossy finish below.

Eliminating the risk of scratches should not the only objective in protecting automotive paints. A major cause of paint damages, such as loss of gloss and dullness is paint oxidation. This process can be slowed by isolating the paint surface from the air. Although this can be achieved with conventional coating agents and wax, the oils and fats contained in such materials oxidize easily, and in turn oxidize anything they come into contact with. Once oxidized, these paint protection agents can often accelerate the degradation of paint rather than protect it.



Step 1

Wash surface as normal from top to bottom and front to back using only quality microfiber wash mist or sponges.

Step 2

Check the entire vehicle and if clay baring is necessary this is the time to do so. Rinse and dry

Step 3

Spray each area that is to be coated to remove any remaining residue or wax that is remaining. Use quality microfiber towels that will not scratch the surface to remove residue. This is the final step before proceeding to application of protective coating.

Step 4

Wrap the included microfiber application cloth around the applicator sponge. If coating a whole car we suggest starting with the hood, then roof, trunk, rear and front bumper, side panels and doors then finally the mirrors.

Step 5

Benefits of Nano Ceramic Coating

Benefits of Nano Ceramic Coating

1. Paint Protection

Paint Protection

A nano-coating basically provides a strong, protective surface to the car’s body that can block all manner of foreign matter and prevent them from causing damage to the car.

2. Last Longer

Last Longer

A ceramic paint coating goes much further than an ordinary paint job for protecting the surface of the vehicle.

3. Car Stays Cleaner

Car Stays Cleaner

The more pitted a surface, the easier it is for dirt to find tiny pockets to sink into. As the name suggest, nano-coating works at the molecular level to ensure that the coating provided is extremely smooth and even.

4. No Need for Car Wax

No Need for Car Wax

Getting a car waxed was the older equivalent of getting a special coating for your car to protect its surface.